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Sunday 15 September 2019

Fish Recipes | ఫిష్ రెసిపీస్ | special desi recipes

Fish Recipes | ఫిష్ రెసిపీస్ | Special Desi Recipes

Fish Recipes- with detail photo and video recipe.Mouth-watering and tempting fish recipes. They are many fish recipes. Different masalas make, different fish recipes. Tangy, tasty, delicious and mildly spiced fish curry in tamarind sauce, coconut milk or in tomato-onion masala. 

Different masala makes a different taste. Few love to have tangy fish curry and few will have spicy and onions gravy fish curry. Here am sharing all the different fish recipes. Single marination for all the fish recipes. For every fish recipe, marination is a must. Marinate the fish at least for 30minutes to 1 hour for super delicious taste. 

Video Recipe Of Fish Recipes

Fish Curry With Coconut Milk:

Fish curry with coconut milk - with detail photo and video recipe.A traditional Kerala style fish curry done with freshly taken coconut milk. Ready-made coconut milk is available in the market but, preparing our coconut milk is something fresh and easy. Here in this recipe everything is freshly grounded and made at home. Try out all the fish recipes and taste the flavors of fish recipes.

Fish Curry With Coconut Milk

Fish Pulusu With Sesame, Cumin Seeds And Garlic 

Fish curry | fish pulusu - with detail photo and video recipe. Tangy and mildly spiced age-old fish curry in tamarind sauce is popularly known as " Fish Pulusu " in south India. Of course its an age-old recipe with a modern mix-up like adding kasoori methi powder, garam masala powder. Usually, the fish pulusu is done with variation according to the location and place. Even in south India, different people cook in a different way.

This recipe is with a little modification. Our grandma used to do this recipe more easy and simple way by adding green chilies, onions and fish pieces with water and red chili powder, salt. When fish is cooked 80 percent then they just add garlic, cumin seeds, and green chili paste. That's it even this recipe taste awesome. But I like somewhat of thick gravy I did this by adding onion paste and sesame seeds paste along with cumin garlic paste.

special desi recipes

Fish Curry With Tomato-Onion Masala.

Fish curry with tomato-onion masala is another mouth-watering recipe one should try. In this recipe, chopped onions along with masala are fried first then blended into nice paste. For tomato puree, I first boiled the tomatoes then removed the skin of the tomato and blended into a puree. Every fish recipe is different according to the masala we add. They are many other versions and many different ways to cook the fish curry.

Fish curry with tomato onions masala gives the thick gravy with mild spiciness. This recipe goes well either with plain rice or with pulao or roti. For every fish recipe, marination is a must. Marinate the fish at least for 30minutes to 1 hour for super delicious taste. 

Basic Fish Pulusu:

Fish Pulusu - With Detail Photo And Video Recipe. Fish Pulusu Is One Of The Spicy And Tangy Stewed Recipe. Different Dishes Uses Different Masala To Make The Dish More Delicious And Tasty. For Chicken, We Use Chicken Masala As The Same For Fish We Prepare Special Fish Masala With Dry Coconut, Onions, Spices And Sesame Seeds.

Here In Fish Pulusu Instead Of Coconut Milk, Fish Pulusu / Stew Is Prepared With Tamarind Juice. Mixed Combination Of All The Ingredients Made The Recipe More Tasty, Delicious And Spicy.

One Can Enjoy This With Hot Steamed Rice Or With Soft Dosa, Idli. In This Recipe, I Extracted The Juice From Tamarind And Added. Fry All The Masala Ingredients And Blend To Fine Smooth Paste.
Cooking Fish On Low Flame Gives Superb Taste To The Recipe.

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