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4 different fried rice recipes | special desi recipes

rice recipes

Rice Is One Of The Favorite And Cherished Food In All Over India.It Can Be Cooked As Delicious Meal on Its Own, Or Can Be Flavored With Some Spices & Veggies- Filled Basmati Rice, Or Can Be Stir-Fried Rice Dish With Cutup Veggies / Non Veg Pieces Like Tasty Fried Rice.Check Out The Collection Of 9 Spice Up, Satisfying & Healthy Rice Recipes.

In This Post Am Sharing Some Of My Collection Of Fried Rice Recipes. These Are Variety Of Fried Rice Recipes Done In Indo - Chinese Style. Each Recipe As Its Own Taste Depends On The Ingredients We Add.

While Making Any Kind Of Fried Rice First We Need To Cook Rice, And let It Sit For Some Time Till It Becomes Cool. Rice Can Be Cooked In 2 Ways.When Making Plain Rice One Can Add Water in 1 : 2 Ratio i.e For 1 Cup of Rice, Add 2 Cups of Water. While Preparing Rice For Fried Rice, One Can Add 1/4th Less Helps The Rice Non-Sticky.

Here Am Sharing 4 Different Varieties Of Fried Rice. For Any Kind Of Fried Rice, Veggies Or The Non-Veg Pieces Have to Fried First Then Added To The Spices And Sauces.

Video Recipes Of Collection of 4 Different Fried Rice Recipes

Check Out The Individual Fried Rice Recipes From the Links Below

Chicken Fried Rice ( Click Here )

Rice Is Great If Your Really Hungry.Try This, A Stir Fried Rice Dish With Cutup Chicken Pieces Seasoned With Spices And Sauces.
special desi recipes
Chicken Fried Rice

Gobi Fried Rice ( Click Here )

Gobi ( Cauliflower ) Fried Rice With Detail Photo & Video Recipe.There Are Many Varities Of Fried Rice But, This Gobi Rice Is Different From Other. The Distinct Flavor Of This Rice Is So Tasty And Very Easy To Cook.This Rice Will Be Your Kids Favorite Once The Rice Was Tasted.This Is Recipe Can Serve Even In Lunch Box.The Taste And Flavor Of The Rice Remains Same Till Afternoon.This Makes You Feel, That You Having Your Lunch At Home.

special desi recipes
Gobi Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice ( Click Here )

Egg Fried Rice Is A Rice Dish Of Cooked Rice. It's An Indo-Chinese Dish With Sauces And Spices. Mine Egg Fried Rice Was Done By Adding Soya Sauce And Vinegar With Some Spice Flavors.Egg Fried Rice Can Also Be Done Without Adding Tomatoes And Sauces.

special desi recipes
Egg Fried Rice

Palak Paneer Fried Rice

Palak Paneer Fried Rice - Palak Is Most Healthiest Leafy Vegetable For Kids.If Your Child Is Not Eating Palak And Paneer recipes. No Worries, Try This Awesome Recipes Which Is A Pack Of Full Vitamins, Nutrients & Protein. Furthermore, Palak Paneer Fried Rice Is Best For Kids Lunch Box.

special desi recipes
palak paneer fried rice

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