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Rice Recipes

Rice Recipes, Collection Of 9 Rice Recipes | Special Desi Recipes

special desi recipes

Rice is one of the favorite & cherished foods all over India. It can be cooked as a delicious meal on its own or flavored with some spices & veggie-filled basmati rice or can be a stir-fried rice dish with some cut-up veggies / Non-veg pieces like tasty fried rice. Check out the collection of 9 spice-up, satisfying & healthy rice recipes.

Collection Of 9 Rice Recipes. Popular Indian rice recipes from Special Desi Recipes Kitchen. Rice Recipes Like Chicken Fried Rice, Veg Biryani, Paneer Dum Biryani, Aavakaaya Chicken Biryani, Egg Fried Rice, Palak Paneer Fried Rice, Amla Rice, Bagara Rice & Chicken Kheema Fried Rice. Whether it's a comforting bowl of fried rice, an aromatic biryani, or a creamy rice pudding, rice recipes offer a diverse range of flavors, textures, and cultural experiences that can satisfy any palate and occasion.

Chicken Fried Rice ( Click Here )

Rice is great if you’re Really Hungry. Try This, A Stir-Fried Rice Dish With Some Cut-Up Chicken Pieces Seasoned With Sauces And Spices.

Fried Rice

Vegetable Biryani ( Click Here )

Vegetable Biryani / Veg Biryani – Is Quick, Easy, Perfect & light Biryani Loaded With Vegetables. It Goes Very Well With Spicy Curries As Well As Curd/ Raita. This Biryani is loaded with Vegetables like Gobi, Carrots, Potatoes, Green peas & Beans. If One Doesn’t Like Gobi In Biryani Can Skip Adding Gobi, That Gobi Gives a Nice Flavour To Biryani. 

special desi recipes

Paneer Dum Biryani ( Click Here )

Paneer Dum Biryani Is One The Super Aromatic, Delicious, Mildly Spiced Dum Cooked Biryani Done With Marinated Indian Cottage Cheese (Paneer). After Cooking Rice I Layered the Marinated Paneer & Cooked Rice with Brown Onions, Coriander & Mint leaves. Finally Added Ghee, Which Gives Rich Taste And Smell To The Biryani.
special desi recipes

Aavakaaya Chicken Dum Biryani ( Click Here )

Hyderabad Chicken Dum Biryani Is Famous And Non-vegetarians Favourite Food. Aavakaaya Chicken Dum Biryani Is Different Type Of Chicken Biryani Done With Mustard Mango Pickle ( Aavakaaya) & With Mustard oil.

Chicken Biryani Can Be Prepared In 2 Ways, Pakki And Kachi. This Aavakaaya Chicken Dum Biryani Is Of Kachi Method, The Raw Ingredients Marinated Placed At the Bottom And Layered With Flavoured Rice (Which Is Cooked Separately), Brown Onions, Mint And Coriander Leaves.

Egg Fried Rice ( Click Here ) 

Egg Fried Rice Is A Rice Dish Of Cooked Rice.It’s an Indo-Chinese Dish With Sauces And Spices.Mine Egg Fried Rice Was Done By Adding Soya Sauce And Vinegar With Some Spice Flavors.Egg Fried Rice Can Also Be Done Without Adding Tomatoes, Instead Can Add Tomato Sauce.It Can Also Be Done Without Adding Tomatoes And Sauces Like Soya Sauce And Vinegar

special desi recipes

Palak Paneer Fried Rice ( Click Here )

Palak Paneer Fried Rice – Palak Is the healthiest Leafy Vegetable For kids. If Your Child Is Not Eating Palak and Paneer Recipes. No Worries, Try This Awesome Recipes Which Is A Pack Of Full Vitamins, Nutrients & Protein. Furthermore, Palak Paneer Fried Rice Is Best For Kids Lunch Box.Palak Paneer Fried Rice Is One of The Easiest And Healthy Recipe Among All Other Fried Rice. Other Fried Rice Gives Only The Taste But This Palak Paneer Fried Rice Is Tasty As Well As Healthy

special desi recipes

 Amla Rice ( Click Here )

Indian Gooseberry Is Also Called Amla/Usirikaya. It Is A wonderful Fruit Full of Vitamins. Why Use Lemon /Tamarind, If We Have Healthy Fruit With Of Same Taste. The Main Source Of Amla Is Vitamin C & Eating It Helps In Keeping Your Skin Healthy And Glowing. Amla Rice / Gooseberry Rice / Usirikaya Rice / Usirikaya Pulihora Is one Of The Easy Rice Dish If You Have Ready Amla/Gooseberry Paste. Pulihora Means Usually We Add Lemon Juice or Tamarind Juice. This Is One Of The Special Dish Done With Amla Paste Instead of Lemon Juice Or Tamarind Juice.

special desi recipes

Bagara Rice ( Click Here )

Bagara Rice – Is One Of The Easy and Spice Flavoured Rice. Bagara Rice Goes Well With Any Gravy Recipes As Well As Choley or Non Veg Recipes.

special desi recipes

Chicken Kheema Fried Rice Is One Of The Special Varieties of Rice Done With Chicken Mince. One Can Done Do This Just By Taking The Boneless Chicken And Blend Chicken To a Fine Taste.

This Is One Of The Rice Dish Done With All The Spice Flavors Including The Sauces.Cook Rice Before With 1/4 Less Water .Adding Less Water Will Not Make the Rice Sticky

special desi recipes

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