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Tuesday 31 May 2022

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Pickles are the most popular and delicious accompaniment to a full-fledged Indian Meal or in the absence of any sabzi. Mango pickle is one of the most preferred pickles, as the raw mango gives the tanginess, sourness, and some sweetness.

"Mango Pickle" has a name itself that tempts many people. The tangy, spicy, colorful mango pickle is most of the favorites. Usually, most Indians will keep this raw mango pickle in large amounts for a year long.  Mango pickles in hot plain rice, ghee, and papad will satisfy pickle lovers as the whole lunch.

As per many requests we the Special Desi Recipes decided to sell the homemade recipes without adding any chemicals, preservatives as well as color through the name SreeNithya SpecialDesiRecipes.

We use the perfect ingredients to store the pickle for about 1 year or more. Mango pickle is of different types, one is ginger garlic mango pickle in Telugu ( Allam mamidikaya pachadi ) done with ginger garlic paste, second is aavakai ( in Telugu aavakaya ) done with mustard seeds, third is peanut mango pickle ( in Telugu Palli Avakaya ), and the fourth one is sesame mango pickle ( nuvvula mamidikaya pachadi ) done with sesame seeds without adding the red chili powder and rest are of same.

Many of us, grandmothers used to keep this type of pickle in a large amount and will send it to our family members. Keeping this mango pickle is one of the festival-type environments at home. The process involves bringing the mangoes. For this, we will select the perfect pickle mangoes and then clean the mangoes with wet cloth in the market itself. Then the seller cut the mangoes into pieces. Cutting mangoes is also a technique. Mango sellers use to cut the mangoes so that all the pieces should get the pit ( Seed )  attached to it. This makes the pickle live for about 1 year without getting too soft.

mango cut pieces pickle special desi recipes

Next after bringing the mangoes home, again have to clean with a dry cloth by removing the pitted skin, which is present slightly on the pit and will separate the pit into fewer pieces. The ingredients used in this pickle are authentic and fresh.


Avakaya is one of the colourful, tasty mango pickle with mustard seeds.This mango pickle is done with pickle chili powder, sesame oil and selected and cleaned pickle mangoes.

avakaya special desi recipes

Palli Avakaya

Palli Avakaya is another tasty and unique mango pickle done with roasted peanuts. Palli Avakaya is rare and tasty pickle usually people don't keep at home.

palli avakaya specialdesirecipes


Uppava is another mango pickle done with sesame seeds. It is one of the tasty and easy mango pickle without red chilli powder.

uppava specialdesirecipes

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