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Saturday 10 April 2021

drumstick recipes | moringa recipes special desi recipes

Drumstick Recipes | మునక్కాయ రెసిపీస్ | सहजन रेसिपी | Moringa Recipes | special desi recipes 

drumstick recipes specialdesirecipes

Summer special ingredient in many South Indian homes is Drumsticks ( Moringa ) has been proclaimed as one of the recent superfoods. Be it a simple sambar or just about any curry, pieces of drumsticks can add flavor and taste to the recipe. Check out the full video link below for the healthy and tasty drumstick recipes.

Drumstick is a long, slender, triangular seed-pods, deep-rooted and legend across south India. The drumstick tree is considered a rare tree where each and every part of the tree from leaves to root all are used in traditional medicines. The drumstick tree is widely considered a therapeutic tree where the pods, seeds, leaves, flower, bark, and gum of the tree is used for a wide range of medicinal uses.

drumstick leaves and drumstick specialdesirecipes

Apart from the pods, moringa leaves are the most nutritional part of the plant. These small, tear-drop-shaped leaves are feathery, vibrant green, smooth leaves contain more Vitamin C than oranges and more calcium than milk. And it is one of the rich sources of iron and having more immunity-boosting properties. They are cooked and used like spinach. And these drumstick leaves are dried and crushed into powder and used in soups and sauces. As a result, nowadays even the moringa leaves powder in more available supermarkets.

This post is all about drumstick pods. It can be a simple sambar, stew, or curry. Mant different recipes with a single ingredient. Here am sharing 3 among many recipes.

Video Recipe Of Drumstick Recipes

Drumstick Raw Mango Egg Curry:

This is one of the famous curry called Muringakka Manga Mulakushyam in Kerala where the moringa is cooked along with raw mango and dal. But, in my recipe, there's a small twist where I used Boiled egg in the recipe without using the dal. An egg is probably one of the simplest and most comforting foods for many of us. When you give regular egg curry with an interesting twist with this moringa and raw mango makes the dish absolutely delicious. It is one of the tangy and delicious curries that is made by cooking moringa, raw mango, and boiled egg along with ground spices in a coconut gravy. It makes a great side dish for rice, pulao, and even dosa.

drumstick raw mango egg curry special desi recipes

Drumstick curry with coconut milk:

Drumstick curry with coconut milk. It is another delicious recipe with a twist from regular drumstick curry with milk. Many of us know how to cook the drumstick curry with milk but, cooking with coconut milk makes the recipe more delicious and tasty.  Since the taste of coconut milk is subtle and mildly sweet, it makes the perfect base for curries. The use of freshly taken coconut milk at home makes the recipes more comforting while eating. This curry doesn't need many ingredients, with very few ingredients, tastes absolutely delicious and this curry goes well with rice and roti.

drumstick curry with coconut milk special desi recipes

Drumstick Tomato Curry:

Drumstick tomato curry is one of the simple curries without any twist. In this recipe, drumsticks are cooked in a spicy onion tomato curry. It is one of the simple recipes to make a delicious and flavourful drumstick curry with a combination of tangy tomatoes and tender drumsticks with spices is absolutely delightful. And it goes well either with plain rice or jeera rice or even with roti dosa.

drumstick tomato curry special desi recipes

Finally, I want to highlight some of my recipes like,

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