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Friday 24 December 2021

How to cook dal in a nutritious manner? specialdesirecipes

 How to cook dal in a nutritious manner?

When we think of good and home food, the most loved preparation which comes to our mind is dal. Preparation of a few dal may take time like Pancha Ratna dal, dal makhani, etc, but they are a few preparations of dal which we can make within minutes and are also nutritious.

dal recipes special desi recipes

Dal is one of the most comforting dishes in Indian Cuisine. There are many favorites of dal preparation one can try at home. Few are quick and easy dal and few can make even nutritious wholesome food. Check out the quick and easy dal recipes.

Purslane Mango Toor dal( Click Here)

When we think of comfort good food one of our most loved preparation that comes to mind is delicious dal. When this delicious dal blends the goodness of purslane leaves and the tangy flavor of mangoes is a fine example of mixing health and flavor. Check out the recipe below for the most comfortable, easy, healthy, and tasty purslane leaves ( Gangavalli Kura ) mango dal recipe

purslane mango dal specialdesirecipes

Sorrel Leaves Dal ( Click Here )

Pappu is one of the comfort food from South India that has more than one type and makes for the perfect first course with steaming hot rice and a dollop of ghee. When this comfort food is done with the distinctive sour taste of Gongura, it will attract the foodies' taste buds.

sorrel leaves dal specialdesirecipes

Punarnava Toor Dal ( Click Here )

Punarnava is a traditional ayurvedic plant that is used to rejuvenate the whole body." Punarnava " word itself says the meaning, it means "renew", or " bring back to life" which literally translates into" something that renews or replenishes the body ".Punarnava Toor Dal is one of the popular recipes in villages. It has a great medicinal value. Punarva is also known as galijeru leaves. These punarva leaves are of two types like white punarva and red punarva leaves. White Punarnava is also called as thella galijeru aaku and red punarnava leaves also called as erra galijeru aakulu.

Punarnava Dal specialdesirecipes

Malabar Spinach Dal( Click Here )

Bachali Kura Pappu is a traditional dal recipe with Malabar spinach ( bachali kura ) and toor dal. It is an easy Indian recipe prepared with fresh green leaves and dal. This recipe goes well either with rice or roti and is loaded with protein.

malabar spinach dal specialdesirecipes

Palakura Pappu Recipe | Spinach Dal Recipe

Most of the south Indian favorite, easy and tasty traditional function style Papakura Pappu. It's one of the nutritional protein-rich ultimate comfort food when served along with hot plain rice and a satisfying amount of ghee to enhance the flavor and fill a hungry stomach.

palakura pappu specialdesirecipes

Check out the dal recipes mixed with rice which are not only quick and easy but also nutritional as well as a complete food.

Dal Rice ( Click Here )

When we're craving a healthy comfort meal, khichdi is one desi meal and India's version of culinary comfort. When this comfort food is done with brown rice to make it healthier, this is one of the best combinations of healthy and comfort recipes. Check out the link below for the unattractive, delicious, healthy, and ultimate comfort food of brown rice dal khichdi.

Dal Rice Special Desi Recipes

Brown Rice Khichdi ( Click Here )

Brown rice is often considered unattractive, less delicious, too heavy, too chewy, and takes more time to cook and it doesn't taste good with dal. Many complaints about brown rice. The fact is that the ingredients which don't taste good are more healthy. Because of these useless complaints why neglect the ultimate healthy food. Brown rice is packed with fiber and has a low glycemic index. It releases sugar slowly and takes longer to digest. This way it helps in regulating metabolism and maintaining steady blood sugar levels. It is one of the weight-loss food. 

brown rice khichdi specialdesirecipes

Sambar Rice ( Click Here )

A quick fix for hunger pangs, let's checkout sambar rice, a comforting one-pot wholesome meal that is easy, quick, absolutely delicious, and which is also a power pack of many health benefits. Check out the link below for the sambar rice, done with mixed vegetables, lentils, tamarind juice along spices, and herbs.

sambar rice specialdesirecipes

Spinach Little Millet Khichdi With Moong Dal( Click Here )

Serve healthy and warming Khichdi in a bowl and have along with onions and enjoy. The little millet ( Samai ) is believed to have the largest cultivation is in central India. It is grown and used for food almost exclusively in our country. It belongs to the group of small millets ( proso,kodo, barnyard, foxtail, and finger millets ), Which are said to be nutritionally superior to rice or wheat. The protein content of the grain is 7.7%.

little millet khichdi specialdesirecipes

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