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Monday 8 November 2021

weddings food menu special desi recipes

 Wedding season special recipes | పెళ్లిళ్ళ స్పెషల్ వంటకాలు | wedding style special recipes

From running after designer costume, decor to bridal makeup, every aspect of an Indian wedding is big fat, fun, laughter, and has upgraded and got yet more stylish and fashionable. Another part of the weddings that evolved to a great extent is the food section. Today, at every party we find a meal buffet offering an extensive range of delicacies- from chaat, paneer, and noodles to biryani and forgetting the 90's wedding food scenario. Check out the recipes below for a traditional Indian wedding menu that instantly evoked nostalgia for the 90s wedding food scenario.

Indian wedding menu special desi recipes

Weddings in India have evolved with time. Food plays an important role in the wedding scenario. We hardly found a wedding menu card that reminded us of the 90s served guests in batches with palakura Pappu, gutti vankaya curry, Pappu Charu, Mirchi bajji, bagara khana, Mirchi ka salan, papad, sweet and tomato chutney but, today at every party, we find a meal buffet offering an extensive range of delicacies with paneer recipes, gutti tomato, tomato dal, chole or rajma masala, chaat, and noodles. Many options and we help ourselves with whatever we feel like eating.

When we don't find such a menu in present weddings, check the below recipes and try them at home, serve and enjoy the wedding-style menu with your loved ones.

Finally, I Want to highlight some of my recipes usually prepared at weddings like,

Video Recipe Of Wedding Style Special Recipes

Bagara Rice With Coconut Milk ( Click Here )

The very first thought we usually get when we heard Hyderabad cuisine, will remind us of delicious biryani, haleem, lukhmi, and Qubani-ka-Meetha. Hyderabad cuisines have a rich, extensive royal saga that lies in the history of nizams. Hyderabad cuisines are usually restricted to a few royal dishes mostly rich in aromatic spices and strong flavors.

Apart from those, another rice recipe of Hyderabad is bagara rice. It is one of the popular rice dishes of Hyderabad, Telangana. It is basically a bowl of spiced rice without added vegetables, or meat, the recipe only adds basic tadka of whole spices which is usually paired up with Mirchi ka salan or aloo korma or any masala-based curry. The dish is widely prepared during weddings and social functions and holds a firm position in a vegetarian spread.

bagara rice special desi recipes

Palakura Pappu ( Click Here )

Most of the south Indian favorite, easy and tasty traditional function style Papakura Pappu. It's one of the nutritional protein-rich ultimate comfort food when served along with hot plain rice and a satisfying amount of ghee to enhance the flavor and to fill a hungry stomach.

palakura pappu special desi recipes

Gutti Vankaya ( Click Here )

It is a traditional brinjal curry that can be served mostly at functions, parties, or even for a casual lunch at home. It is one of the most preferred recipes during marriages. An absolutely delicious curry with mild mixed flavors. Gutti vankaya literally means the whole brinjal. The whole brinjals, simmered in rich, thick, and mildly spiced gravy usually served with steamed plain rice or even can have with roti/chapati.

gutti vankaya special desi recipes

Pappu Charu Recipe ( Click Here )

It is one of the perfect side dishes for any fry curries. sour-sweet dal rasam is a healthy and easy recipe with all the vegetables in one recipe. They are many different varieties of preparing this recipe but, this is one of the traditional and popular dishes in South India.

People usually prepare pappu charu on any occasion as one of the side dishes. They are many other rasam dishes like sambar, tamarind rasam. But this pappu chaaru is an unbeatable dish with any other dish for its taste and richness.

pappu charu special desi recipes

Tomato Chutney ( Click Here )

Tomato chutney is one of the popular, tasty, and easy chutney mostly done in functions and must at wedding menu. Usually, this chutney is done with ripe semi-ripe tomatoes, along with a few spice ingredients, and add tadka for the final touch. Most of this recipe is done with chili seeds and tomatoes. The seeds which we use in this recipe are taken from Mirchi Bajji. But this recipe is done without the chili seeds and done with semi-ripe tomatoes. If wants to check out the chili seeds chutney ( click here )

tomato chutney specialdesirecipes

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