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SreeNithya Special Desi Recipes Online Store for Veg & Non Veg Pickles, Sweets, Masalas Powders.

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Thursday 13 December 2018

Non-Veg Recipes | Chicken | Mutton | Prawns | Fish | Special Desi Recipes

special desi recipes

Non-Veg Food Party | Non-Veg Items | Special Desi Recipes

Non-Veg Food Party - Are you planning for a non-veg party at home or for any occasion? Add these non-veg items in your menu and impress your guests. As the name itself suggest all the non-veg items in the party. Invite, Cook, Celebrate and have fresh & tasty food at home.

Non-Veg Food Items includes chicken, mutton, fish and prawns. Few like to have chicken/mutton and few likes plates of seafood. My Non-Veg Food Party menu satisfies all the guests according to there tastes.

My menu contains rice recipes, chicken recipes, mutton recipes as well as fish recipes. Cook and enjoy with your loved ones and enjoy the art of cooking at home.

Finally, I want to highlight some of my other recipes of non-veg items.

Avakaya Chicken Dum Biryani - Is of kachi method, where the raw ingredients are marinated and placed at the bottom and layered with flavored rice( which is cooked separately ), brown onions, mint and coriander leaves.

Chicken Dum Biryani - Is also of kachi method but the main difference is, we add curd in this type of dum biryani.

Video Recipe Of Non-Veg Food Party Items

Chicken Pulao ( Click Here )

Is One Of The Easy And Tasty Mildly Spiced And Flavoured Rice Recipe Done With Chicken. Chicken Pulao Is A Popular Dish Done With Basmati Rice And Chicken Cooked Together In A Seasoned Broth. It Is One Of The Simple Recipe Which Is Not Heavy Like Chicken Biryani. Easy To Prepare And Tasty.

special desi recipes
Chicken Pulao

Prawns Fried Rice ( Click Here )

Prawns Fried Rice Done With Scramble Eggs. Before Cooking Fried Rice, We Have To Scramble Eggs, Have To Cook Rice And Cook Prawns. This Is An Indo-Chinese Prawns Fried Rice Used With VInegar And Soya Sauce.

Special Desi Recipes
Prawns Fried Rice

Chicken Curry With Coconut Milk ( Click Here )

Chicken Curry with Fresh Coconut Milk Is One Of The Mouth-Watering Recipe. A Thick Gravy Chicken Curry Tastes Good with Rice, Chapati/Roti. Coconut Milk Is Extracted At Home Which Gives Freshness To The Curry.

Special Desi Recipes
Chicken Curry With Coconut Milk

Chicken Fry Curry

Easy, Tasty, Spicy, Moist, And Tender Marinated Chicken Is Seasoned In Onion, Tomato And Cashew Paste With Some Spice Masala Powders. This Curry Goes Well With Roti, Chapathi, Naan, Plain Rice or With Flavour Rice. When Having With Plain Rice Having Other Gravy Recipe Or Tomato Chaaru, Pachi pulusu Gives A Awesome Combination.

special desi recipes
Chicken Fry

Fish Fry ( Click Here )

The most flavorful, crispy, delicious, unique, easy and tasty recipes. For perfect fish fry marination is the must. Gentle coat the masala to the fish pieces and rest at least for 15 minutes.A fish masala can be prepared in many ways. In my recipe am using the onion based fish masala. Coat all the masala well.

special desi recipes
fish fry

Fish Pulusu ( Click Here )

The spicy and tangy stew recipe prepare with special masala along with tamarind juice makes the recipe more tasty and delicious. One can enjoy this with hot steamed rice Or with soft dosa, idli.
Different Dishes Uses Different Masala To Make The Dish More Delicious And Tasty. For Chicken, We Use Chicken Masala As The Same For Fish We Prepare Special Fish Masala With Dry Coconut, Onions, Spices And Sesame Seeds.

special desi recipes

Mutton Curry( Click Here )

Mutton Curry Is Also Called As Kosha Mangsho | Lamb Curry. Kosha mangsho Is A Bengali Version Prepared In A Kosha Style. Different Types Of Mutton Curry Are There, Mutton Rogan Josh , Mutton Fry Dhaba Style Mutton Curry. This Mutton Curry Done With Dry Coconut Masala Gravy. Adding Dry Coconut And Poppy Seeds Gives Medium Consistency But Taste Superb. This Recipe Goes Well Either With Rice Or With Roti/Naan. Chapathi.

special desi recipes
Mutton Curry

Mutton Liver Fry 

Mutton Liver Masala is one of the tasty, healthy and easy recipe one can do in minutes. Mutton Liver is also called kaleji masala, which is very famous in many regions of India. Many ways to cook this recipe but, here am showing one of the easiest and tasty methods to cook this healthy curry.

special desi recipes
Mutton Liver Masala Recipe

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